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A rock-solid server with a venerable history, TFTP Turbo is used daily by thousands of companies and institutions worldwide. Whether you’re providing remote boot facilities or managing embedded devices, TFTP Turbo offers an unmatched set of features at a great price. Supports 200 simultaneous transfers. Includes full support for IPv6 as well as a complete set of professional documentation.

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PC Desktop Cleaner is an intelligent software tool that cleans your desktop, storing your files in a special folder. It creates an index so you can quickly and easily find any file. Advanced users can define rules based on file name, size, and modification date. With PC Desktop Cleaner, you keep your workspace clean and have easy access to all your files. It’s very easy to install and use, you don’t need to be a computer expert to use it.

Free Map Suite Web Edition v6.0 Final, License Key

Map Suite Web Edition is an ASP.NET server control that you can use to develop Internet and Intranet GIS applications with rich, interactive maps. Designed as an easy-to-learn yet powerful .NET native component, Map Suite Web Edition makes Web-based GIS accessible to beginning and veteran developers alike. Now even more simple to use than before, Web Edition needs only a few lines of code to generate fully-functional maps. Map Suite Web Edition offers a next-generation GIS development experience with features like: – Use less code to accomplish more with the new streamlined API – Built-in, AJAX-powered UI controls, including panning, zooming and mini map – Dynamic panning allows new areas of the map to fill in automatically – Create your own HTML tooltips, markers and info balloons – Deliver imagery in standardized format with Web Map Service (WMS) – Supports Oracle Spatial, SQL 2008, PostGIS, ShapeFiles and GRID – Customizable drawing system, data sources and more – Includes over 80 sample applications with C# source code – Royalty-free distribution of your project – Professional online support, training videos and guides – 1-Year Software Assurance Plan – Much, much more Map Suite Web Edition’s powerful GIS feature set includes spatial queries, Regular Expression rendering, chart/graph rendering, projections, track shapes, GDI+ drawing, geometric functions, class break and value-based rendering, and much more.

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Net Control 2 is a classroom management software, was specially designed for educational environment, k-12, schools, colleges, universities, libraries. Monitor student computers in real time, help students remotely, share teacher’s screen, control access to Internet, applications and devices; prepare and send quizzes, make polls, chat, send messages, receive help requests, log events, these and more than 150 other monitoring and teaching commands and features are at your service. Net Control 2 supports all modern versions of Windows, including 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 8 and 7, terminal and thin client environments (Windows Terminal Server, MultiPoint Server, Hyper-V, nComputing clients and other). It was specially designed for easy management multiple computers at a time. Intended for use in both conventional and wireless local networks without any additional configuring, supports multi-VLAN environments.

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Logic Minimizer is an innovative, versatile application for simplifying Karnaugh maps and logical expressions step by step. It is geared for those involved in engineering fields, more precisely digital and formal logic scholars and academics, digital devices constructors or anybody involved with logical expressions. With its powerful minimization capabilities and full-fledged features, you can work with all forms of logic expressions.

Features: Minimize Boolean and propositional formulae up to 24 variables; Convert Boolean formulae into SOP, POS and decimal notation; Work with Karnaugh map, truth table and sets of terms; Highlight minimized term on Karnaugh Map; Draw logic circuit with various types of logic gates; Optimize simplified Boolean formula with XOR gates; Convert propositional formulae into DNF and CNF; Find validity of propositional formulae; Support all Boolean and propositional operators; Formula-input-friendly: no need to transform your formula before entering; Step by step simplification of Boolean and propositional expressions.

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Any parents wants to know as their child spends computer time and set rules for computer use. Parental Control allow it: the software make timely reports and screenshots, assign unwanted Internet content (a browser will be closed if it`s window title have this content), unwanted programs (games, your important programs) and unwanted time (the computer automatically shuts down and do not start up again). This version is the first release on CNET

Download Merge Cells Wizard for Excel v3.0.8 Latest version, Serial

Download Merge Cells Wizard for Excel v3.0.8 Latest version, Serial

With Merge Cells Wizard you can merge data from several Excel cells using any separator you like (e.g. carriage return / line break). You can merge row by row, column by column or data from selected cells into one cell. The Merge Cells Wizard preserves all data if the selection contains multiple data values. Your data in Microsoft Excel will never be lost.

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TagTuner takes you beyond repetitive typing and dramatically speeds up the creation of perfectly organized music library. The highly automated time saving features are coupled with a powerful Tag Editor. With TagTuner you always have full control and great flexibility while tagging your music collection. TagTuner supports most of Apple audio and video file formats: Apple iTunes AAC and Lossless (M4A, MP4, M4P), audio book and podcast files (M4B), and video files (M4V). It allows you keeping your iPod and iPhone well organized. Other major file formats are also supported: MP3 ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags, Flac, Ogg Vorbis, Windows Media WMA, ASF and WMV files. You can generate standardized meaningful file names from file tags. Extract information from a file name into its tags. Synchronize different MP3 tag versions. Load, copy & paste tags and cover artworks for a single song or thousands of selected files. Put any number of elementary operations in batches and execute them in one key stroke. TagTuner is also the only organizer in industry that supports rollback for unintended actions. So, you can simply Undo rather than having to retype the info.

Download System Analyser v5.1 Latest + Serial

Download System Analyser v5.1 Latest + Serial

System Analyser gives comprehensive information about your system: Bios, Network, Dos, CPU/FPU, Cache, Memory, SPD, Video, AGP, Monitor, Drives, partitions, IDE, ATAPI, SATA, CD-Rom, DVD, Blue-ray Disk, RPC2, Lpt, Rs232, Mouse, Keyboard, IEEE 1284, Modem, Fax, ISDN, Sound, ASPI/CAM, SCSI, DMI, PCI, PCI Express, PCMCIA, Plug and Play, APM, ESCD, IRQ, DMA, CMOS, Y2K,

It is a DOS program that can work in a DOSBOX of Windows 31./95/98/ME/XP with limited results.

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Fun Morph is a funny and easy-to-use photo morphing and warping software. Morph and warp face or image of friends, family, or celebrities. Turn them into a cat or a pig or any jokes. You can save movie in all popular formats, including AVI video, Web page, e-mail, greeting cards, animated GIF, and picture sequence. Version 3.3 is a maintenance release.

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For professional software developers and OEMs who need to create and deploy reliable and powerful imaging applications. In addition to support for over 700 imaging functions, 100+ of the most popular graphics file formats, full multi-threading, numerous samples and easy Internet integration, the ImageGear Professional Edition toolkit package includes ScanDex control for building scalable, high-speed batch scanning and indexing solutions. With ScanDex, you can rapidly prototype and deliver solutions to automatically capture, recognize, organize and introduce thousands of documents into repositories.

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File Commentor is a free utility designed to help you insert comments to any file.You can also import comments from a text file instead of typing. You can add comments to a single or multiple files at once. It gets the job done of adding comments in just a few clicks.The program has several options to load files for processing. You can browse through your system and open it manually, you can drag and drop files or you can add folder containing files.You can use it on different Windows operating systems from Windows XP onwards, and it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

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MedCubes RemoteCase (formerly known as MedCase) is an App that connects patients through health workers to physicians, healthcare professionals and/or care givers. Supported by selected diagnostic tools MedCubes RemoteCase is a bundle of hard- and software which provides medical specialists with patient health parameters. Through a fully integrated communication tool Tele consultations via audio and/or video can be performed with the patient, health worker and/or care giver.

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AudioLabel Cover Maker helps you design and print custom CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and LightScribe labels. Create truly professional labels quickly and efficiently. Add images, photos, backgrounds with a simple drag and drop interface. Quickly format text with a powerful editor that can layout and arrange text. Automatically import your CD album information and instantly fill out the label. Includes support for all major brands of label paper and the template dimensions can be adjusted to fit any non-standard paper. The program includes an art gallery and you can use the image-search function to scan your computer for existing images. Compatible with any LightScribe drive and also supports Direct Disc Printing with Canon, Epson, and HP printers.

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Easy-to-use, fast and comprehensive image browsing and viewing software for Win. PhotoPhilia provides you with quick viewing of 30+ image formats, simple explorer-style user interface, and true parallel processing for all time-consuming operations. Mosaic generates thumbnails with various sizes and appearance. You can organize your images into Albums, search your images by file name, date, size, keywords, categories, comment and by the Looks Like criteria. PhotoPhilia uses image cache and read-ahead technology for better performance. The program can convert images into various formats with many options, print your images, mosaics and whole albums easily. TWAIN support provides you with the ability to get images from scanners and digital cameras directly to your albums. File management, clipboard and drag-and-drop support, slide shows with 186 effects, applying brightness, contrast, saturation and hue to the image without modifying the original file, Install/Uninstall procedure and many other features.

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NVIDIA GeForce4 MX processing units (GPUs), NVIDIA provides a new level of cost-effective, high-performance graphics to the value PC userand it also provides multi-display technology, Lightspeed Memory Architecture II, and Acccuview Antialiasing technology; the GeForce4 MX GPU’s deliver feature-rich graphics technology, performance, and flexibility. It also provides a new level of cost-effective, high-performance graphics to the value PC user.

Free Graph plotter from data v4.232 Latest version + Serial

Free Graph plotter from data v4.232 Latest version + Serial

Brain App arrives on Windows Phone 8. Brain App uses simple rapid-fire exercises to help keep your mind sharp by stimulating increased blood flow in key areas of the brain – improving neural connections which allow for faster responses and increased memory recollection ability. More than 50, 000 Brain App users worldwide. ENJOY This new edition has been enhanced for Windows Phone, with a beautiful new panoramic interface, and all of the great content from the original game. EXERCISE Seventeen modes across six exercise types. Speed Math, Balloon Burst, Card Count, Missing Signs, Color Chaos, and Shape Shift. IMPROVE Exercise your brain in minutes each day. Your scores are recorded and you will be challenged to beat them. After each 30 or 60 second round your performance will be analysed, and graphs track your progress. SYNC Sync your profile and scores with Brain App for Windows 8, Mac, or iPad. Exercise your brain wherever you are. COMPETE Enter your scores into the global leaderboards – compare scores and compete against users on Windows Phone, PC, Mac, or iOS. Enhanced for new Windows Phone 8 devices, includes Live Tile, and support for high-resolution displays.

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Reads Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) travel card using NFC. Currently supported phones are Lumia 640 (XL), 650, 735, 830 and 950 (XL). Alternatively can display travel card balance fetched from HSL Oma Matkakortti service, this works with all phone models. Can read following data using NFC: Card balance – Value ticket details – Season ticket details – Card events: vehicle boarding, value add, season ticket add, value charged, season ticket use. Contains also latest value ticket price list (including year 2016) and calculates how many tickets can be bought. Can remember previous NFC read result and up to 30 card events (History). Reminder feature provides warnings when the card balance is getting low or the season ticket is about to expire or has expired.

Free Propel Accelerator v6.1.6.1103 Portable, Keygen

Free Propel Accelerator v6.1.6.1103 Portable, Keygen

Propel Accelerator for Broadband is a subscription-based service that works with your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Propel Accelerator for Broadband increases the speed of Web browsing and reduces bandwidth consumption on all types of Internet connections less than 2 Mbps. This includes DSL, satellite, 802.11 hotspot, wireless mobile data and dial-up connections.

Propel Accelerator for Broadband increases the speed of your browser surfing, e-mail, and file downloads allowing Web pages to load up to 25X faster on slower connections.

Free Disk explorer pro v2.1.0.313 New version & Serial Number

Free Disk explorer pro v2.1.0.313 New version & Serial Number

My Audit Manager is an app designed for people who carry out audits, questionaires or simpley need to make reports based on data entered. The app is currently being used by and so far has carried out over 3, 500 reports for them. See for yourself how it works by installing the app and login in using the below details: Username: auditor Password: 1234.

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BuzzEdit is embroidery design editing and digitizing software. It allows you to edit your embroidery designs. You can do simple things such as changing design colors, rotating or flipping, adding new color breaks, sorting and laying out designs for multiple-position hoops. With version 2, BuzzEdit has an array of new tools that make it even easier to enhance and manipulate your embroidery designs, such as digitizing, automatic design splitting for multiple-position hoops, manual design slicing, alignment stitches and basting.

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Get Free Sitespinner pro and v2015.5 Latest version, Registration keys

The Easy and simple way to find the nearest mobile home pitch spot in your environment. Notes on In-app purchase: By purchasing you support the further development of the app and the web service To thank you, the full version adds some additional information to the plots for one year. (see screenshot). Become a club member of Club members of can enable these functions with the user data in settings. powered by – The community of campers More than 13, 000 parking spaces throughout Europe. Club members from get this app for free. More infos about this: With poor internet connection is recommended to disable “refresh list at app start”. The parking space list then can only be updated by “Pitch list now update”. To ensure easy installation, a WIFI connection is necessary during the first app start. The app displays the 20 nearest mobile home pitch spots to your location wich is determined either by the location function of your mobile phone, or via manual input of the desired address. Thus, the mobile home pitch spots can be found in a remote area of destination. Warning: Each user of the app can add new mobile home pitch spot locations, so the database is constantly expanding. With the purchase of the app is a “donation” which is to support the development of the service. You do not acquire the right to provide added functionality. After one year you must repeat the purchase, otherwise the functionality of the app is reduced again. After the successful purchase a manual update of the database in the App settings is recommended.

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Over 900 Paintings by more than 100 Symbolist Artists in One Screensaver. The symbolist painters, of the mid-1800’s through the beginning of the 20th century, mined dream imagery for a visual language of the soul and the unconcious, creating paintings that evoke a still world intended to be pondering.. The symbols used were intensely personal, private, obscure and ambiguous references. Symbolism represents an outgrowth of the earlier romanticism movement, but in a more metaphorical, suggestive and highly stylized manner, often with a mood of ironic detachment. A summation of their goals might be that they attempted to paint beyond the visible; and as artist Odilon Redon stated “My paintings and drawings are meant to inspire, and are not to be defined. They place us, as does music, in the ambiguous realm of the undetermined”. In broder terms, painters with symbolist interests can be found across many centuries and cultures, as they are still today, though this collection focuses primarily on the painters who have come to be known as symbolists. This screensaver includes artists: Gustav Moreau, William Blake, Mikolajus Ciurlionis, Odilon Redon, Maurice Denis, Paul Serusier, Paul Ranson, Ferdinand Hodler, Michael Vrubel, Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Franz, Edvard Munch, Felix Vallotton, August Macke, Fernand Khnopff, Georges Lacombe.

This art slideshow displays each painting for up to 16 minutes (user modifiable) before softly blending into the next image. Why just hang art prints and posters on the wall? Turn your computer into a digital picture frame of famous masterpieces by history’s greatest artists when it’s not being used. It’s like strolling through the great art museums and art galleries of the world. As beautiful as Giclee prints. An elegant touch to your environments interior designs. Inspirational and educational. Add these screensavers to your computer desktop collection of themes, wallpapers, backgrounds and icons. Supplies an endless gallery of beautiful images.

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Indigo is a powerful multi-window session based terminal communication software for telnet and serial communications. Indigo offers a comprehensive collection of tools and functions unmatched in competing terminal software. Indigo is a complete replacement for TELNET and HYPERTERMINAL supporting the following connection methods and communication protocols: TELNET, SERIAL (RS232), REXEC, RSH, RLOGIN, ECHO, DAYTIME, CHARGEN, RAW, SSH1, SSH2, and SSH AUTO. Indigo also includes a Data Converter feature that allows you to view the incoming data in multiple byte representation formats such as ASCII, DECIMAL, HEXADECIMAL, OCTAL, BINARY, or even a user-defined custom format.

Other features include an advanced data logging method to log session data over time and auto generate new log files based on file size or date changes, a command library that allows file based storage of commonly used command sets, an auto command repeater tool that enables you to send a repeated command or repeated list of commands to a terminal session at a user defined interval, hotkey accessible macro commands for quick access to frequently used command instructions, a custom data formatting tool that allows a customized representation of each data byte, syntax text coloring to make certain text detected in the session data stand out , a serial pass mode that allows the utilization of two com ports to preview the data being transferred between two devices, a scripting system that allows custom scripts to handle terminal data received from the connected session or for the scripting of commands to be sent to the connected session.

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Outlook Express Repair Kit is the optimal choice for home users and system administrators in companies of any size who don’t know how to repair Outlook Express 6.0 without outsourcing this task to companies charging ample fees for their services. The program supports the recovery of emails in various formats, including plain text, HTML and RTF, and saves messages on the user’s hard drive as *.eml files. To make things easier, this Microsoft Outlook Express 6 repair tool offers users a convenient DBX file browser that enables them to see recoverable items and pick particular ones for subsequent extraction. Users who have several corrupted DBX files will benefit from the program’s support of batch recovery. The program knows how to repair Outlook Express inbox data better than any other product on the market, which is proved by rigorous internal testing and customers’ feedback. Compact, intuitive, reliable and fast, this product makes the Outlook Express repair DBX file process a snap for anyone. The key features of Outlook Express Repair are: 1. Best in class Outlook Express data recovery efficiency thanks to the program’s powerful file analysis core 2. Clean, simple and intuitive interface making data recovery accessible even to inexperienced users 3. Possibility to preview the contents of damaged files and mark specific items for recovery 4. Support of all major versions of DBX files 5. Support of DBX files over 2 GB in size 6. Compatibility with all major versions of Windows, from 98 through 7 7. Recovery of messages in plain text, RTF and HTML formats 8. Possibility to recover previously deleted messages 9. Batch restoration mode for multiple DBX files 10. Compact and comprehensive installation file that requires no additional components or utilities to be downloaded The demo version of this Microsoft Express repair tool is available for download from the official site of Repair Kit.

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IconCool Editor is a powerful icon editor to edit icons, cursors and web graphics. It comes with all the functions for creating and editing ICO, CUR, ANI, ICL, GIF, JPG, BMP, EMF, WMF, TGA and WBMP image files. In addition, it offers more than 50 image filters, including Blurring, Sharpening, Embossing, Diffusing, Color Balance… as well as 20 image effects, including Linear Gradient, Redial Gradient, Rectangular Gradient, Wave, 3D Shadow, 3D Button, Text Gradient Effects, Noise, Arbitrary Rotation and more. IconCool Editor is also a smart image capturing tool can be used to capture images of various sizes from desktop or any other software. You can convert images in 25 formats to icons, You can extract icons from EXE, DLL, ICL, OCX or any other files and then edit or re-save them. In addition, it offers a 100-level Undo/Redo function, support for non-standard icons sizes and more. Now it supports Vista icon editing and modifying. A powerful icon maker, icon creator, small image editor and small graphics maker. You canl get the free license for IconCool Editor from the following link:

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Award-winning cyberkitchen companion for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Cuts hours off organizing recipes, meal plans, nutrition analysis, shopping lists, grocery cost management. Recipe search, dupe check, meal plan, import/export, find-replace, manage categories across cookbooks. User-defined categories; auto-categorizing of recipes. Create randomized menus. Toggle US/SI units, fractions/decimal. Multi-file, mixed-format imports of Meal-Master(tm), Mastercook(tm), generic text recipes, or enter your own. Screen Import and Quick Web Recipes for easy importing. Publish cookbooks to recipe web sites or to MS Word. Customizable recipe rating and analysis system. Nutrition analysis, %DV, and diet metrics for recipes and menus using 8789-item USDA SR28 database. Fitness calculator. Shopping lists from meal plans. Multiple menus/shopping lists. Shopping list by aisle; shopping list cost across stores. Quickfill data entry, multi-language spell-checker, recipe images. Backup/restore user files. Web connectivity for recipes, tech support. Email recipes and cookbooks.

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Prognoza is the Windows Phone Weather app you need. It suits for downloading the latest weather data for a specific City or your current location based on the Windows Phone location. The background pictures display the current weather conditions while the app shows lots of detailed weather data. Prognoza has a triel mode which gives you the full app experience for 7 days, in this period you can see if the weather is accurate enough for you, or if the app works fine for you, after this period you can buy it. The app can be used even after the trial ends, it has then just a few limitations like the live tiles and lockscreen will stop to update until it’s paid. FEATURES. A clean, nice design aligned at the Windows Phone design principles. Live Tiles, front and back side with pictures of the current weather conditions. A beautiful Lock Screen that updates along with the Live Tiles. Prognoza has two methods of giving you the best weather data, one is via location (for this you will have to turn ON your location services), and the second one is via entering the City name you want the predictions for. Wind rose for detailed wind directions and wind speed (just tap anywhere on the wind description inside tha app to open it). Custom lock screen picture support. Two sets of icons available to show on live tiles/lock screen. Background location tracking. Just turn it on in the app settings under “other”. Background location tracking does not consume any more battery then without it. Notifications of changing weather condition. Turn them on in the apps settings under “notifications”, just select the conditions you want notifications for and you will get a notification from Prognoza when the weather changes. Ability to change the app language independent from the Phone language. Favorites – just add your city to favorites and you can access it via double tap anywhere on the main screen of Prognoza or via application bar > “Favorites”. This makes easy switching from City to City. Detailed daily and hourly reports. Just tap on an particular day/hour to see more info. Weather sharing function to share the current weather with your friends across all WP8.1 apps that have the ability to share content. Try it out tap “. ” (menu) > share weather > share with any available app and use the #Prognoza hashtag so we can share your weather further.

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Click on the following links for the driver package readme info:

This package supports the following driver models:

  • Intel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller
  • Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller
  • Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller
  • Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller
  • Intel(R) Graphics Chipset (KCH) Driver
  • Intel(R) Graphics Platform (SoftBIOS) Driver

Download Serial Port Control v2.0 RePack & Keyfile

Software developers can access various devices by utilizing the Windows API. When using an API, you gain access to a full spectrum of available features, but API programming is a very tough and time-consuming task. You have to study the documentation and you have to create all the high-level functionality based on the low-level API functions from scratch. This is OK if you develop a specialized application. However, in most cases, you just want to get a certain device working in your program with the least effort possible. One of the system devices that you often need to support is a Serial Port. There are numerous lab instruments, protection gadgets and other inventory that can be connected via a COM port. Instead of spending weeks or even months for API coding, you could use a ready-made ActiveX component in your program. We recommend you give Serial Port Control from FabulaTech a try. Serial Port Control is an inexpensive, royalty-free, component. You can use it with any , such as Visual Basic, Visual Basic .Net, Visual C++, Visual C#, Borland Delphi, Borland Builder, etc. Just put it on a form and you have all the functionality you need to access a serial port, either physical or virtual. Serial Port Control automatically enumerates all the ports available in the system. You just need to select the port name you wish to work with. The event driven architecture of this component is a snap to use. You don’t have to check ports periodically in order to find if there is new data available for reading from a port. Simply define a function in your program that will be triggered automatically by the appropriate event and process the data. Despite its low cost, the component is royalty-free. There are no hidden fees and you are free to distribute it together with your own software.

Free Serial_port_utility_latest v4.4.0.9 Portable, License code

TiltViewer is a free, customizable 3D Flash image viewing application. Creating your own TiltViewer gallery is easy. There are various ways to create a TiltViewer gallery. If you already have images on Flickr, the easiest way to create a gallery is to load your images and text from Flickr. You can manually create a TiltViewer gallery using a text editor and image editing software of your choice.

Free download Color Wheel Pro v2.0 Latest version & Keygen

Color Wheel Pro allows you to see color theory in action. You can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples. The preview is in real time: When adjusting the color scheme, you see the changes immediately. Color Wheel Pro includes all the classic color schemes: monochromatic, analogous, complementary, split complementary, triadic, and tetradic. The program also contains an HTML color picker that allows you to see the color code of any pixel in the preview area. This version features minor improvements and bug fixes.

Get Free PhotoPhilia v1.3 RePack, Key + Serial

Easy-to-use, fast and comprehensive image browsing and viewing software for Win. PhotoPhilia provides you with quick viewing of 30+ image formats, simple explorer-style user interface, and true parallel processing for all time-consuming operations. Mosaic generates thumbnails with various sizes and appearance. You can organize your images into Albums, search your images by file name, date, size, keywords, categories, comment and by the Looks Like criteria. PhotoPhilia uses image cache and read-ahead technology for better performance. The program can convert images into various formats with many options, print your images, mosaics and whole albums easily. TWAIN support provides you with the ability to get images from scanners and digital cameras directly to your albums. File management, clipboard and drag-and-drop support, slide shows with 186 effects, applying brightness, contrast, saturation and hue to the image without modifying the original file, Install/Uninstall procedure and many other features.

Free SecureCD Creator v1.3 Official version, Cracked

KernSafe SecureCD Creator is an advanced and powerful, full-featured CD encryption software. Create, edit, modify iso9660 files, and mount to virtual CD-ROM emulator or burning into a password protected CDs. CDR is the best choice for offline digital backup as one can physically keep CDRs in a safe place. CDEncryption comes with security program modules embedded into the CD-R which encryption,and write data back onto Security CDs. Sensitive personal information, valuable R&D material, government and corporate secrets and other confidential data is often the subject of abuse by unauthorized persons due to its sensitivity. Data backup of such sensitive information to hard disk is vulnerable to electronic tampering, hacking or hijacking.

Free ActiveFax Server v3.86.0193 RePack & Serial

ActiveFax Server allows a fast and simple integration of fax and email with Windows as well as other operating systems, like UNIX, Linux, DOS or mainframes. The software also offers full support for terminal server environments. It allows efficient usage of the software for small installations with just a few workstations and a single fax line, as well as large installations with thousands of users and more than 60 simultaneous fax lines. In addition to sending and receiving fax messages from any standard application, ActFax can also be used for easy integration into own applications, for example to fax fully automated purchase orders or order confirmations.

Get Free M3 RAW Drive Recovery v5.0 Official + Registration keys

M3 RAW Drive Recovery is a professional RAW drive recovery software, it provides quick way to do RAW partition recovery, recover RAW drive, recover RAW file system, fix RAW file system, repair RAW disk, convert RAW file system to NTFS, change RAW partition to NTFS and get all data back when you encounter following RAW drive problems: File system is displayed as “RAW” and used space shows 0 bytes. Disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now? Invalid media type reading drive. Abort, Retry, Fail? File names contain “weird” characters. “Sector not found” messages. The type of file system is raw chkdsk not available for RAW drives After converting RAW to NTFS file system, all your data will be back from RAW drive. Support to recover RAW hard drive recovery, RAW memory card recovery, RAW USB drive recovery, RAW flash drive recovery, RAW external hard drive recovery, RAW memory stick recovery. Support to convert hard drive RAW to NTFS, memory card RAW to NTFS, USB drive RAW to NTFS, external hard drive RAW to NTFS, flash drive RAW to NTFS, memory stick RAW to NTFS. M3 RAW Drive Recovery just needs you minutes to recover RAW drive and get data back from RAW drive, saving lots of time than data recovery from RAW drive. Support RAW drive recovery and data recovery from RAW drive under Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Windows Server 2012/2008/2003.

Download Docotic.pdf library v14.1.69.1 RePack + Regcode

Web Camera Security System is the application tool that allows you to keep an eye at all the activities at your home or your office in your absence. Web Camera Security System lets you watch your home, office, or anywhere (indoor or outdoor) live through a Webcam. The software sends last Snapshot/Slide to FTP Server and you can watch it live (remotely) using any computer or mobile phone with a Web Browser. Web Camera Security System can run in total stealth–the user will not know that it is running. Web Camera Security System monitoring spy software is all in one solution to monitoring spouses, co-workers, children, babysitter, employee’s, home, office or any other person or space indoor or outdoor. You will have remote, realtime access to your home or office, allowing you to remotely control and monitor while you are away. All activities are recorded to your hard-disk. You can set compression ratio and save disk space, upload time and Bandwidth Usage. A history can contains weeks or months of videos. Also you can copy video events to external memory or delete it. Using Web Camera Security System Free Download crack, password, serial numbers, registration codes, key generators is illegal and will prevent future development of Web Camera Security System Free Download Edition.

Free download Treasure Mole v2.6.2167 RePack + Serial Number

When it is installed on the English version of the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system, users or administrators can switch the user interface (including menus, dialog boxes, Help files, and tutorials) from one language to any of the 20 supported languages. The package supports the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

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Virtual Modem program creates virtual modems that use your local network or the Internet instead of a physical phone line. The virtual modems are accessible to all the applications that work through a direct modem connection. Setup is no different from setting up a physical modem. You simply select a virtual COM port in your communication application settings. The application can control the virtual modem directly by sending AT commands or with TAPI (MS Windows Telephony API). Thus, Virtual Modem should work out-of-the-box for all your communication programs.

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Dragon ball Z app episodes are superb, the animation is full of action, and every ending of an episode leaves you wondering what may happen next. It also contains a bit of humor as well as subplots. Lots of action and comedy was fit into one anime series. The episodes never has an ending to a story. It is a continuous storyline that grows and grows. Characters have time to develop into interesting relationships among them, making moments where someone dies or is hurt even more emotional. DBZ app is spectacular, and takes forever to explain every aspect of the storyline. It tells the story of Goku (son Goku in Japan) who is an incredible man born with an amazing fighting talent. His strength never ceases and he becomes stronger and stronger. He is kind and pure of heart. a friend to even his enemies at times. He is the central point of DBZ, but not the only point. There are positive messages of teamwork and never giving up. If you like to watch Disney videos then you will love this app.

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Get over 13,000 icons for only 3 cents each! All icons on the menu include everything we can to satisfy your need for graphics. Design desktop and mobile applications, web site development or use icons to print, without royalties or restrictions of use. This package includes extensive thousands of icons to a number of variations, the supply of each icon in various sizes, formats, resolutions and color visual states. Individual sizes are available at a discount. All menu icons represent incredible value for software developers and the Web, the grouping of over 20 different packages priced at $ 39 and up if purchased separately. The package is offered with copyright terms, allowing you to use the icons so often and in as many projects as needed without having to pay any extra fees. Each menu icon on the menu All Icons package comes in five resolutions (16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32 and 48×48 pixels) and two color depths (8-bit and 32-bit color with alpha channel). Four file formats (ICO, BMP, GIF and PNG) are included with each order, which lets you use the icons on the right of the box. Finally, each image is presented in three visual states to represent the normal controls, disabled and highlighted and navigation elements. With all these variations, the total number of images approaches 600,000. All menu icons allow applications clean, modern and unified color Web sites and gamma. The icons were carefully crafted by professional designers and game sets mounted for ease of reference. All icons are easily recognizable, while including an impressive level of detail.

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The eBoostr application allows you to use an additional drive (flash memory or hard disk) or free RAM as another layer of performance-boosting cache. This is an alternative to ReadyBoost and SuperFetch technologies available on all Windows versions. With the newly developed eBoostr, the booting of your OS and applications start-up get much faster thanks to the smart caching mechanism.

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AllyCAD has been rewritten to allow for both 2D and 3D draughting and is even faster and stronger than AllyCAD 3.6. We have added full 3D, with 3D rendering with smooth shading, perspective view and hidden line removal. You can define your own lighting and view your design in multiple named viewports or in different perspective views and work on any view (top/side/iso) at the same time. If you want to take your product design to the next level, you will be happy to know that AllyCAD offers full DWG compatibility; mouse wheel zoom & pan; visual snaps show snap points; visual geometry tangents.

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FlowChartX is an ActiveX control providing applications with the ability to create and present various kinds of diagrams. A few to mention are workflow, flowchart, process, database entity relationship diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and network charts, graphs and trees. Diagram elements, such as boxes and tables, can be attached one to another to form complex structures. There are 87 stock shapes available and custom ones can be defined too.

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Registry Recovery Toolbox is a convenient, powerful, and extremely effective tool for recovering the operating system registry based on a special fast and smart algorithm that allows you to recover registry entries and get the system back to work in the shortest possible time. The program can be used in two different modes: automatic and advanced (manual). User operations are minimized in the automatic mode.

Firstly, the program scans your hard drive and then shows the list of available registry files. After you select the files for recovery, the program will analyze their structure and save all located objects. In the advanced mode, the program allows you to view the structure of the registry file being recovered and view the parameters of its entries which makes the recovery process quick and intuitive. The registry is the central hierarchical database where Windows stores most settings of its components and services. Since so much information is stored in the registry, its corruption may cause the most serious consequences: it may be impossible to run some programs due to the overall system instability and the incorrect operation of system components.

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In the middle of the 22nd century Earth was conquered by an unknown invader. With advanced technology and witchcraft as his weapons, the enemy seized the planet and declared himself dictator.One more step – and the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead will be blurred. We need friends to make the army and save the world. Start the battle. Play with friends.

Version 1.6.6 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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With SCleaner, the use of online-banking, stock market information services, erotic-websites or job-exchanges on the internet will be a private affair. Prevent to becoming a transparent internet user. Internet browsers store visited internet pages and therefore threaten your privacy. SCleaner kills Internet explorer history, cookies, temp internet files, and Video Player history. It cleans Index.Dat files on your computer which also keep tracks of your IE activities. Cleans various other recent file lists and also shreds files.

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